Will Dog Daycare Benefit My Pooch?

Is your dog playful and energetic? Does she like to play with other dogs? If so then Doggie Daycare would be a great way for her to enjoy herself and socialize around other dogs that like to play too. Dogs are social creatures and need to have opportunities to play like a dog. Jumping, biting, running are all very natural play behaviors for dogs, but not such good behavior when interacting with humans. When a dogs instinctual need to “be a dog” is continuously banned then frustration and mental stress can occur, causing the dog to act out in other ways. Going to doggie daycare a few times a week while you are at work gives your dog a chance to continue developing good social manners. It also tires your dog out so when you get home from a long day at work you don’t have an over energetic pup that has been laying around all day bored jumping all over you with excitement and ready to play.

Is your dog friendly and submissive, but somewhat fearful around other dogs? That’s OK!!! Doggie Daycare would definitely benefit your dog, as long as you choose the right doggie daycare. If you choose one where the staff is not properly trained and experienced with this type of dog then it could wind up being a traumatic experience and cause even more fear. To rehabilitate a dog with fear issues they must be exposed to fearful situations consistently, but with proper supervision. A lot of fearful dogs will growl, lunge, even snap at other dogs. This is not aggression. This is an initial reaction to a fearful situation. An experienced staff member will recognize this and continue to work with your dog and the others until everyone is comfortable with each other. All dogs have different energies, temperaments, and personalities…just as humans do. A well trained doggie daycare staff will know how to match the right dogs with the right playgroups based on the dogs needs. A good dog daycare facility will have an in-house trainer on staff, ask to speak with the trainer about your dogs fears, a few private training sessions may be needed, but will be well worth it.

Is your dog older and just likes to lay around all day? Doggie Daycare may be a nice change of scenery one or two days a week, but make sure you choose a facility that has separate areas for dogs like yours where they can lounge around together without the younger rambunctious dogs bothering them. Best games selection at biggest american casinos portal.

Is your dog completely unsocial and dog aggressive? Doggie Daycare is not the place for your dog. Unsocialized dogs usually spend all day in a small kennel or area by themselves. Seeing, hearing, and smelling all of the other dogs all day coupled with the lack of anywhere to exercise will just cause anxiety and frustration, which will make the behavior issues worse as time goes by. Do not drop your dog off at doggie daycare in hopes that the staff will be able to socialize him. Take the time to find a dog trainer that specializes in dogs that are “dog reactive”. Once your dog is professionally socialized then reconsider doggie daycare.

Is your dog fearful around or bothered by loud noise? Annoyed or snappy around playful dogs? Mellow and just likes to lay around most of the day? It’s ok, some people are like that too. Doggie Daycare is probably not going to be beneficial to your dog. Doggie Daycare facilities are “busy” places. Visitors and dogs in and out, playgroups going on, lots of barking, staff members in and out of the rooms with mops…the energy level can get quite high at times.

Is your dog super high energy? Barks and jumps a lot? Plays too rough with other dogs? Doggie daycare can be beneficial to him once he has been through some training, but if the dog is very strong and uncontrollable they will probably be separated from the rest of the dogs for most, if not all of the day. This will only make the dogs high energy even worse. When choosing a doggie daycare for your high energy dog, make sure to talk to the staff and dog trainer (if they have one) to see if there are some other dogs that attend regularly like your dog that can play rough in “special” play groups together. A well trained, experienced staff will know how to handle this and won’t mind taking the time to make sure your dog get some doggie play time. Speak with the in-house trainer about some private dog training lessons to help you and your dog with these issues.

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