Training classes at k9Cabana offer many options to assure a well behaved pet

Everyone has seen both sides of the spectrum: a well behaved dog and an out of control one. Although many dogs suffer from a lack of obedience, there are several obtainable ways to fix it by way of training.

When you see a dog that jumps on guests and misbehaves, it’s not necessarily the dog’s fault because they lack the ability to learn basic manners on their own. Whether you want a pet that sits by your side and obeys commands, or one that chews your shoes, barks excessively, and bullies other dogs, is entirely up to you.

With the various training options available, your canine can be assured a lifetime of understood commands and a successful adaptation to new and stressful environments. But training does not only benefit the dog, since the process is something done as a team and a bond can grow as you two partake in it together. Is your past full of unwelcomed places due to your dog’s embarrassing behavior? With enough patience and sessions taught by a skilled trainer, the result will erase this past and allow you two to go on vacations, camping trips, hiking, and various other activities without any mischief.

Basic training boils down to the method you desire to either correct or reward a certain behavior. A treat or verbal praise may be given to repeat a desired behavior, but leash correction may correct or eliminate an undesirable one. Much more is showcased under a trainer’s guidance in the class of your choosing, which are also an excellent source of socialization since attendees are both canine and human.

Through the rest of February and March, k9Cabana will be offering several training classes from Sunny Dogs Training Company( From basic obedience to¬†problem solving, these valuable courses will give you and your canine pal a chance at building a closer bond and meeting many new friends in the process. Visit k9Cabana’s website to learn more specifics on prices and dates (

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