Proof of vaccinations are required in advance.

Rabies, Distemper/Parvo & Bordetella

Please fax shot records to 1.866.431.9545

Training packages are non-refundable


90 minutes of individualized training during daycare to teach or correct multiple skills/behaviors. This training is located at K9Cabana Dog Resort.

Pre-registration and purchase of training package is required. Dogs can be enrolled as an Add-On to existing daycare.

Add-On to Daycare   $65 – 90 minutes


Teaching your dog how to exercise on the treadmill provides you a new outlet to burn their energy. This is great for inclement weather as well as overweight and high energy dogs. Treadmill sessions are held at k9Cabana Dog Resort.    $25.00 / 30 minutes


Initial Consult-Evaluation (60-90 minutes) Trainer will take a complete history of the the pet and home environment and conduct an evaluation of the pets behavior and needs. After the initial visit, a training plan will be developed.    $65

Private Training – 60 minute session of individualized instruction with trainer to teach or correct commands such as:  recall, sit, lie down, stay, leave it, loose lead walking, waiting at doorways, fear, aggression, jumping/lunging, re-activity to other pets/family members.  $50-$80 

10% discount applied for pre-purchase of 5 or more sessions.


Customized plan & pricing – Please inquire!

      Personalized program built around dog’s needs


      Training will include all basic manners and commands


      Problem solving


      Field trips and real world distractions


    Socialization with people and animals


Our group class program is still in development. Group classes would occur 1 evening per week at an off-site location and run for 6-8 consecutive weeks.

Check back for updates. If you are interested in attending a group class, focused on basic skills & manners, please let us know and we’ll put you on a list to be contacted as soon as plans are finalized.


Maura Gost

Certified K9 Trainer

Maura moved to South Carolina from Maryland in 2013 and joined our staff in January 2014. On any given day you can find her behind the desk assisting customers, on the floor caring for our furry guests, or in one of our play rooms providing individualized training for a canine client. Maura’s lifelong love and respect for dogs has turned into a passion for working with them. Over the last 2 decades, she has dedicated countless hours to rescuing, fostering and training dogs who have fallen into the rescue system. She feels great personal satisfaction when she’s helped a lost, medically compromised or behaviorally challenged dog become a loving, well-mannered member of a family – and then helping to find that family.
Whenever possible, Maura loves traveling to visit her children & grandchildren, increasing her knowledge & skills by attending rescue and training conferences and workshops, or volunteering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

Timothy Culver

Certified K9 Trainer

Tim started his dog training career straight out of high school when he joined the U.S. Marines as a Military Working Dog handler. After completing the patrol and explosive detection course he was selected to attend the Specialized Search Dog Trainers Course. After 3 deployments he left the U.S. Marines for a position with the U.S. State Department leading the K9 Diplomatic Protection Services in Kabul Afghanistan. Tim has excelled in the most high threat areas training dogs to complete extraordinary tasks. A decade after starting his career Tim is here to serve all of your dog training needs; from controlled aggression to puppy potty training, bird dog trials, or Schutzhund tracking, Tim has you covered.

TimNanuck (2)



7:30AM - 6:00PM

Weekends / Holidays

8:00AM - 5:00PM




for Naptime


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