The good with the bad in choosing the right dog park

The number of dog parks in the world is rising every year, with the current amount of seven hundred in the United States alone.  Myrtle Beach has several in the vicinity, with the Barc Park being the most common due to its nature like atmosphere with a lake for dogs to play in. But before taking your dog to a widely inhabited dog park, there are several things to think about when choosing the right one.

Dog Parks with widely open spaces are ideal for canines with too much energy, it will help balance it and hopefully allow your pooch to be more manageable at home. Off-leash time is actually perfect for any sort of dog, because it gives them a healthy dose of exercise that lasts longer than a quick walk around the block.

The socialization aspect is another benefit for dogs because they may become anti-social and aggressive without this sort of interaction. Studies show that dogs with regular socialization are less likely to have behavioral issues later on in their development. It may also give owners awareness of their dog’s attitude towards certain breeds, temperaments, annoyances, etc.

Aside from the beneficial perks for dogs, parks are also helpful for owners to get acquainted with other owners in their area. Whether it’s their dogs that become friends or them, it’s a great way to network with those who share a similar interest.

There are of course negative attributes to certain dog parks that an owner should become familiar with. Some parks may not be fenced in, allowing a dog that’s prone to escaping getting loose on public roads. There are also many health concerns related to certain parks, which can be found in un-cleaned areas and open water sources such as lakes that may be contaminated with diseases and germs.

A lot of trust in people must be taken into account when you choose a dog park. Certain owners may not be fully aware or accepting of their dog’s aggressive behavior and may bring them anyway. They must keep an eye at all times, and if they choose not to, it could result in fights and legal situations involving high vet bills. Not to mention people themselves could be injured by an aggressive dog or by having to break up a dog fight.

The best way to avoid these downsides and assure you and your dog are in good hands, is to visit the parks in your area and familiarize yourself with the rules, cleanliness, and the types of dogs that attend.


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