Myrtle Beach Kennel Pampers Older Dogs

Myrtle Beach is one of the hottest vacation spots on the East coast, and many people return year after year for an annual vacation. You may be one of these people who plan to visit Myrtle Beach, but need to travel hundreds of miles to get there. While you can leave your favorite furry friend in a kennel near home, you may worry about what could happen while you are so far away, especially if your dog is older or has special needs. Why not bring your dog and put him in Myrtle Beach’s k9Cabana Dog Resort? For your peace of mind, you would know that you could be there in a short time if your dog needed you.

Myrtle Beach Kennel Pampers Older Dogs

If your dog is older or has special needs such as daily medications, K9 Cabana may be the perfect vacation spot for your dog. She can have her own private cabana to enjoy peace and quiet when she needs it. The staff will be careful to follow special instructions to make sure your canine baby gets everything she needs while in our care, and she will have one-on-one attention both during the day and overnight.

When your dog is feeling active, she can visit the outdoor play area and cool down in the splash pool. She can play with other dogs her size, and then take a nap on our comfy couches when she’s ready for a rest.

Want to pamper your favorite older friend? Opt for some of the grooming options we offer, such as teethbrushing, bathing, nail clipping and nail color.

There’s no reason why your furry friend should be so far away from you when you’re on vacation, especially if she is older or has special needs. If you want to have your dog close by while you are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, contact us at 1-843-748-0351. You can also find out more about us by clicking “Like” on our Facebook page.

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