My Vacation at k9Cabana Dog Resort – Doggie Daycare in Myrtle Beach … Woof!

My Vacation at Doggie Daycare in Myrtle Beach … Woof!

Mommy and Daddy were talking about going on vacation, which makes me nervous because sometimes they leave me behind and I get lonely for them. This time after they packed their bags they put me in the car with them and I got to travel a long ways until we got to Myrtle Beach. It wasn’t too bad because they let me get out and run around every once in a while. I slept at the hotel with Mommy and Daddy at night, but every morning they would take me to doggie daycare in Myrtle Beach. I gave them sad eyes when they dropped me off the first time, but it was the best! My favorite parts were:

Playing outside in the play yard and getting wet in the splash pool. It’s hot in Myrtle Beach and it was fun to cool off. I think Mommy and Daddy played in the water too because one day they had wet hair when they picked me up.
Snoozing on the soft couches. I’m not allowed on the couches at home, but here they let me lay on them as much as I wanted! They were a great place to take an afternoon nap!
Yummy organic dog treats. I’ve never had such delicious snacks! I think Mommy and Daddy ate some new food too because I smelled a different smell when they opened the refrigerator at the hotel, but I like my treats much better. I hope they buy me some for the trip home.
Spa day. I got a bath, my nails trimmed, and even painted. And Mommy must have went to the spa too because when she picked me up her toenails were pink too!
If your family is looking for a place to go on vacation, Myrtle Beach is the best. Tell your humans to call 1-843-748-0351 to find out more about K9 Cabana. The can also click “Like” on their Facebook page to get more information.

If you’re visiting Myrtle Beach and need daycare or boarding services for your dog, contact us. Your dog will enjoy his vacation as much as you enjoy yours! Watch this video of our facility!

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