Love is in the air at k9Cabana in February

When you aren’t buying heart shaped candy or pondering over the outcome at Punxsutawney, please consider taking part in our “Share the Love” donation drive all month long, which will assist Coastal Animal Rescue in caring for its animals. They are currently on the lookout for old blankets, towels, sheets, dawn liquid soap, bleach, paper towels, and drawstring kitchen/construction cleanup trash bags. You can simply drop off any or all these items at our location and they will make their way to Coastal Animal Rescue in a heartbeat.

There are also several deals to take part in at K9 Cabana in February, that when combined, are a recipe for love. A special daycare package will let your canine pal search for puppy love at our facility during any ten days within the year, a $14 a day value (Reg. price is $22/day). Or if you decide to go out of town anytime this month, you can board and receive 14% off your first(or only) dog. But if it’s a groom you crave, well you’re in luck because any service done on a Sunday with Sharyn will be 25% off.

Lastly, please join us at our initiation into the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce on February 8th, which will include a special ribbon cutting ceremony and an appearance by our most famous customer, Mrs. Myrtle Beach, who is guaranteed to melt your heart.

February 2012 happens to fall on a leap year, so make sure when the 29th comes, you are still enjoying one of our many sweet and savory specials.


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