Kennel cough, the Bordetella vaccine, and its importance at dog daycare/boarding resorts

Of the many vaccines that canines are required to be updated with prior to attending our facility, the one that comes under the most controversy is Bordetella. The reason is due to the inconsistencies among veterinarians on how often it’s administerSome do it annually, while others do it every six months to better ensure that maximum precautions against kennel cough were taken.

Kennel cough, also called “infectious tracheobronchitis,” is a respiratory disease that involves the inflammation of the trachea and bronchi. The most common symptom is a dry hacking cough that may last up to ten days. Dogs have a higher probability of catching kennel cough when they are around many dogs for long periods of time, in places such as dog parks, vets, and boarding/daycare resorts like ours, which is why we chose the six month option to better assure your pet’s health is safe.

There is plenty of research one can find on their own in regards to the science of the disease and the recommended preventions/treatments, so that all dog owners can stay up to date on the findings related to their pet’s vaccinations and to guarantee he/she is not over-vaccinated.

Research is split on which method of administering (nasal or injecting) is more effective. But there is an agreement that whichever you choose, it should be given at least five days prior to any boarding/daycare visit, since appropriate time is needed for a dog’s body to respond to and develop protection against a disease.

There is however no guarantee that either method will completely prevent kennel cough from occurring, as is the case with diseases we humans face such as the flu, due to the many different strains that exist. In keeping up with the general consensus of the many boarding/daycare facilities and the veterinarians that use the six month policy, we like to make sure we give your pet a better chance of coming home with a clean bill of health after a stay at our daycare/boarding resort.


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  • joey sanders says:

    i thought this article was very informative and look forward to bringing my dogs to the k9 cabana



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