Will Dog Daycare Benefit My Pooch?

Is your dog playful and energetic? Does she like to play with other dogs? If so then Doggie Daycare would be a great way for her to enjoy herself and socialize around other dogs that like to play too. Dogs are social creatures and need to have opportunities to play like a dog. Jumping, biting, running are all very natural play behaviors for dogs, but not such good behavior when interacting with humans. Continue reading

k9Cabana Dog Resort

The last week of August in Myrtle Beach is always a great affair and this year is expected to be no exception. During the week and on Labor Day Weekend, the Hot Summer Nights program is slated to host free concerts at Plyler Park along with spectacular fireworks. If you are hoping to visit the area with your four-legged friend, now is the time to start finalizing your plans. To help you along, here are a few tips:   Continue reading

My Vacation at k9Cabana Dog Resort – Doggie Daycare in Myrtle Beach … Woof!

My Vacation at Doggie Daycare in Myrtle Beach … Woof!

Mommy and Daddy were talking about going on vacation, which makes me nervous because sometimes they leave me behind and I get lonely for them. This time after they packed their bags they put me in the car with them and I got to travel a long ways until we got to Myrtle Beach. It wasn’t too bad because they let me get out and run around every once in a while. I slept at the hotel with Mommy and Daddy at night, but every morning they would take me to doggie daycare in Myrtle Beach. I gave them sad eyes when they dropped me off the first time, but it was the best! My favorite parts were: Continue reading

Dog Grooming in Myrtle Beach: Pamper your Pooch at k9Cabana Dog Resort

This summer, your pup will probably be spending a lot more time outdoors, whether that means rolling around in freshly cut grass, swimming in the ocean, frolicking in the sand, or romping through the woods. That means a whole lot of bliss for your pooch, and a whole lot of dirty, wet fur for your couch and your car. For top-notch dog grooming in Myrtle Beach, bring your dog over to k9Cabana Dog Resort and groom away the summer day.
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Myrtle Beach Kennel Pampers Older Dogs

Myrtle Beach is one of the hottest vacation spots on the East coast, and many people return year after year for an annual vacation. You may be one of these people who plan to visit Myrtle Beach, but need to travel hundreds of miles to get there. While you can leave your favorite furry friend in a kennel near home, you may worry about what could happen while you are so far away, especially if your dog is older or has special needs. Why not bring your dog and put him in Myrtle Beach’s k9Cabana Dog Resort? For your peace of mind, you would know that you could be there in a short time if your dog needed you.
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The Best Dog Boarding Option in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the most well-known vacation hotspots. With millions of tourists, that put Myrtle Beach in the top 50 of summer destinations in the East Coast. With such a great place to visit what could possibly hold you back? How about missing your four-legged child because you had to leave him/her behind.
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February is Customer Appreciation month at K9 Cabana

February is a big month for dog lovers all around. First, later on in the month is Valentine’s Day, a love filled holiday not only aimed at humans. There are plenty of gifts on various sites and stores that allow you to show your appreciation for your dog and everything that lovable pooch has done for you. Second, it’s Customer Appreciation Month at k9Cabana, located in Myrtle Beach, which includes money saving daycare, boarding and grooming specials.
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